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04 September 2015 @ 03:54 pm
Masterlist of Fics  
Hello, welcome to rescend! /o/ Here is a masterlist of all the fics I've written so far.

This is my first time making such a thing, but I thought I should do it since there's a separate comm & all orz. Hopefully it'll help you guys, somewhat lol. Listed by fandoms & then chronological order. Personal faves are marked with a "♥" :)

NOTE: Some of these fics are locked due to various reasons (ratings, dedications to friends, etc.) If you really would like to read them, drop me a note & I'll unlock it for you, okay? ♥

Katekyo Hitman Reborn:
.Quotidian | Hibari-centric | PG | Just another day for Hibari Kyoya | Its shadow was on the ground, low and small, but the figure in which it was based on stood tall, high - proud and unforgiving.
.What it really means to be possessed | Mukuro/Hibari | PG-13 | This is you, and this is me. However, what is reflected in the mirror is but a lone figure, one and the same. | “This is Mukuro Rokudo.” A lone figure in the room pointed to himself. “And this,” the finger trailed slowly across until what it was pointing at is the reflection inside a mirror instead, “is Hibari Kyoya.” Brilliant, really.
.Nightingale | ♥ | Yamamoto/Hibari | PG-13 | Yamamoto knows that Hibari is like a bird. | If Yamamoto really listens he can hear the incessant sounds of water dripping from the well outside, tick tick tick tick, and the atmosphere is so calming, so quiet that it becomes agonizing. His mouth moves without accord.
.It All Fits Together | Yamamoto/Gokudera | PG-13 | Gokudera refuses to believe that he is short. | Gokudera stares down at the open box again. “You got me platform shoes.” he states, flatly.

.The Road to Nowhere | Yunho/Changmin | PG-13 | Yunho gets into a car accident and part of his brain is damaged, leading to amnesia. Now he cannot remember any memories shortly after Jaejoong first joined the group, including Changmin himself. The memories you've forgotten, the memories I still hold, and how to move ongo back from here. | Chapter I
.From the Sky | ♥ | Yoochun/Junsu | PG | For seven days, this has not been a fairy tale, but Junsu believes in happy endings. | “Let me tell you a story about a bird who fell from the sky, and a boy who was there to catch it.”

Super Junior:
.In the End | Kibum/Donghae | PG-13 | Kibum is the cool and charismatic second-in-command of the most powerful gang in Seoul. Donghae is a bright and bubbly new transfer student. The two are worlds apart, but when Donghae (literally) runs into Kibum one day, the younger boy's life will be turned upside down. The frustrating thing is, Donghae's not in the least bit sorry about it at all! | Chapter I + Chapter II + Chapter III
.Exploration of Love and Family | Band!fic | PG | In which ELF is actually an acronym for Super Junior’s new show, their manager is not quite sane, Heechul suddenly has manly strength, and Kibum actually appears for once. | Chapter I
.Caught for Life | Kyuhyun/Sungmin | PG-13 | In which Sungmin drags Kyuhyun to Disneyland and that there’s a reason why Kyuhyun is one of the smartest (and sanest) member in Super Junior. | Kyuhyun takes one look at the bright blinking lights and the twirling mouse at the front doing some sort of ballerina pose on one feet and knows he’s in for trouble.

.All Falls Down | Akanishi/Kamenashi | PG | Jin was living a normal life until a boy named Kame fell and stumbled onto him, proclaiming that he was sent to be Jin's guidance to help him become a better person. What Jin didn't know was that Kame was actually an angel sent to Earth on a mission - and it involved Jin himself. | Chapter I

.Makings of A Miracle | Aiba/Jun | PG-13 | If Jun had known how much a fall from the sky would affect his life, he would never have driven Nino to that fortune-telling place. | Jun slaps his forehead. Some water got into his eyes and it kind of stings. The other person finally notices him and starts to laugh.
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where we ends: Sakumotodecolorize on October 3rd, 2009 03:24 am (UTC)
I have chapter 2 finished? :D I'm just scared to post it up sobs
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where we ends: Arashidecolorize on October 3rd, 2009 03:38 am (UTC)
Sobbing ok. Let me edit it. ;___; And I lied. I needed one more paragraph in the middle for the chapter to be complete. >>;; ONE PARAGRAPH THAT REFUSED TO BE WRITTEN EVEN THOUGH I ACTUALLY WROTE THE REST OF THE CHAPTER BACK IN APRIL. APRIL. The fic hates me, I swear. T___T
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where we ends: Kibumdecolorize on October 3rd, 2009 04:08 am (UTC)
Oooh Spanish. :O I've only had 2 years & it was 3 years ago so umn. My knowledge is not that great orz. >>;; Wait, what nationality are you? I don't think I know, do I? 0.o
babo_lovebabo_love on November 10th, 2011 04:07 am (UTC)
Hi dear, I hope to read "Caught for Life". I'm Yinling~~ a KyuMin shipper/rocketer :D
Nice to meet you *bow*